Emerging Trends in Commercial Real Estate – Does your Commercial Real Estate have what it takes?

the Commercial POINT Emerging Trends in Commercial Real EstateThere has been a shift in commercial real estate lately that could make property owners think about making changes to their own properties in order to stay on top of their competitors.  An emerging trend over the last year that needs some attention is the increased amount of tenants continuing to shrink space requirements to improve efficiency; tenants are relying on technology rather than extra square footage.  What does this mean for landlords/owners?  It might be the time to consider embracing flexible design features, green technologies, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) systems, or face the consequences.  Tenants want vibrant and innovative work spaces and are leaning to Class A buildings over Class B and C.

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Turning Point Commercial Delivers SMART Commercial Real Estate Solutions. We take initiative to provide smarter solutions which are tailored to your individual need and align with your long-term real estate objectives. Serving the Greater Washington Metropolitan Region including Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and the District of Columbia.
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